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Communicating cross-culturally to help create change

By John W. Coleman – Director of Communications for the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of The United Methodist Church.

For church leaders to effectively communicate beyond their congregation and culture — that is, to reach a broader, dissimilar audience — they should try to forge a true, interpersonal connection with those persons they want to reach. But it would help to also do some homework.

Eastern PA Conference Cabinet, chancellor explain church reopening guidelines

Bishop Peggy Johnson and the Eastern PA Conference Cabinet took turns explaining their Pandemic Reopening Best Practices for Churches document in a Zoom webinar Tuesday evening, May 12. Participation reached the maximum allowed at 500 viewers. A recording of the webinar is now available on the conference’s website and YouTube page. And a supplemental Q&A document, with answers to questions asked during the program, is also available.
Cabinet members walked viewers through the best practices resource to help congregations seeking to rebound from extended church closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to return to onsite worship and ministry. Joining them for a major part of that discourse was Conference Chancellor Matt Morley, who promised and later provided sample documents some churches may need. Read more…

A prayer for the East District from District Superintendent The Rev. Tracy Bass

These are challenging times, but it is in such times that we seek the Lord

The Psalmist said: I will lift up mine eyes towards… Read more


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Bible Study

Wednesday afternoon Bible study is in recess until further notice.