Extremely limited face-to-face gatherings until further notice.
See “A few words concerning worship” below

Worship with us online!
Sunday 10:30am

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A few words concerning worship

Communion: We love sharing communion with you but Good Shepherd Folks, it’s cold outside! This means that we will not be holding services in our parking lot!! If you would like to have several months of communion elements delivered to you, please contact Robert Gurtcheff at (215) 378-0026, Jeannette Cartwright at (215) 539-7716, or Pastor Candace at (215) 638-4090. That way, we can get elements to you by the first Sunday in January.

If you want to join us in the sanctuary, we need to know that you are coming. The Bishop has told us to keep our numbers at 15 or less. Therefore, we ask that you contact Robert Gurtcheff at (215) 378-0026, Jeannette Cartwright at (215) 539-7716, or Pastor Candace at (215) 638-4090. If you let us know ahead of time, we can make sure that you have a spot on a dot!

If you have JOYS or CONCERNS, please use the prayer request form found here.  If you have an announcement, please contact Jeannette at (215) 539-7716.

We look forward to seeing you online each and every Sunday at 10:30AM. You are a blessing to Good Shepherd!!

In Christ’s Love,
Jeannette Cartwright, Christ Servant Minister
Chairman, Worship Committee

Online Tools for Ministry coming March 13

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Cost: $5

Morning Schedule:
08:40 AM Plenary
Including opening Devotions with Bishop Peggy Johnson, Text to Give Offering opportunity with proceeds going to Antiracism POWER Organization, Philadelphia
09:00 AM Session A Workshops
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM Session B Workshops

Workshops Covering
Both Session A and B

  1. Identifying Resources for Ministry, Part I & II
  2. Mission Rift Leading Your Church Through Conflict
    Toward Missional Multiplication
  3. Orientation to Ministry

Workshops for Session A

  1. Adaptive Leadership: Building an Adaptive, Itera-
    tive Leadership Model Grounded in Faith
  2. A Renewed Emphasis on Evangelism for the 21st
  3. Building Community Partnerships
  4. Church Marketing for Beginners
  5. Fundraising for Special Projects
  6. Make us one Lord: A moderated conversation on
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the United
    Methodist Church
  7. Part-Time is Plenty: Changing Mindsets
  8. Prison Ministry and Restorative Justice: Hearing
    the Stories
  9. Servanthood
  10. Seven Things John Wesley Expected Us to Do
    For Kids
  11. Tax Issues Faced by Churches, Preschools and
  12. The Work of the Staff/Pastor Parish Committee
  13. When You SEE White Supremacy, How to USE
    Your White Voice
  14. Engaging the Whole Congregation
  15. Casting Your Net in the Sea of Gen-Z/Lanzando la
    Red en el mar de Gen-Z

Workshops for Session B

  1. A Time To Be Born And A Time To Die
  2. Advanced Church Marketing & Communications
  3. Christopher Columbus: It’s Time to Know the
    Truth! Helping your church to learn the true story
    of Indigenous People
  4. Effective Church Audits
  5. Enthusiastic Evangelism in Today’s Society
  6. Getting Out While Staying In: Volunteers in Mis-
    sion COVID Edition
  7. Intercultural Competency
  8. Justice for Our Neighbors: Supporting and Volun-
    teering with Immigrant Legal Ministry
  9. Life on Life Discipleship
  10. More than a large print bulletin and a ramp: How
    to Serve with People of All Abilities
  11. Part-Time is Plenty: Design to Thrive
  12. Sexual Misconduct in the Church
  13. The Church Responds to Addiction
  14. The Ministry of Being a Local Church Trustee
  15. Vital Contemporary Worship
  16. Youth Group Lessons from the Pandemic: Find-
    ing the Light in the Darkness: Transforming Youth
    Group in 2021 and Beyond!
  17. Ministerio de Niños en Tiempo de Pandemia/Min-
    istry of Children in Time of Pandemic

Click here for the full brochure with workshop descriptions.

Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network

Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) seeks to end family homelessness in Philadelphia by mobilizing congregational volunteers and community resources to meet neighbors emergency needs (shelter, food, and clothing); and by providing continued guidance and support to achieve self-sufficiency in affordable housing.

PIHN promotes lasting solutions to homelessness by building relationships between caring volunteers and families who are homeless; and by advocating for public policies that support employment, access to education, and affordable housing opportunities.

PIHN has received funding to prevent homelessness before it begins through the Eviction Prevention & Relocation Assistance Program. This program provides funding to assist families to stay in their current housing and prevent eviction as well as funds to assist families who are already displaced with rental deposits.

Visit the PIHN website to learn more.

Claim your Tax Credit and Refund for FREE!
If your 2020 household income is less than $55,000 Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) will help you file your Federal and State Income Tax Returns through the Campaign for Working Families.
Beginning Febuary 1st, 2021

Wednesdays: 11am – 6pm
Thursdays: 11am – 3pm
Saturdays: 11am – 2pm
(In PIHN’s Northwest Office!)
Tuesdays: 2pm – 6pm
(In PIHN’s Northeast Office!)

Click here for more information from PIHN!


Wednesday night Prayer & Fellowship is in recess until further notice.
When services and activities are resumed, please consider joining us for PRAYER & FELLOWSHIP in The Upper Room on Wednesdays in the sanctuary from 6:00 to 7:00 PM.
It is an Essential Appointment.

Bible Study

Wednesday afternoon Bible study is in recess until further notice.