A few words concerning worship

On Sundays, feel free to join us in the Sanctuary for worship at 10:30 AM. While in the sanctuary, we wear face coverings, practice safe distancing, and the pews are marked for seating with big dots. So, when you enter, just take a seat on a dot. Families may sit together. Our sexton does a wonderful job cleaning the sanctuary before and after use. Also, we have masks, hand sanitizer and gloves available if needed.

We love sharing communion with you, so if you would like to have several months of communion elements delivered to you, please contact Robert Gurtcheff at: (215) 378-0026, Jeannette Cartwright at: (215) 539-7716, or Pastor Candace Carter at: 215-638-4090. That way, we can get elements to you as soon as possible.

If you have JOYS or CONCERNS, please use the prayer request form found here.  If you have an announcement, please contact Jeannette at (215) 539-7716.

Services can also be viewed live online each and every Sunday at 10:30AM via our Facebook page.

You are a blessing to Good Shepherd!!

In Christ’s Love,
Jeannette Cartwright, Christ Servant Minister
Chairman, Worship Committee

Worship with us online!
Sunday 10:30am

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Weekly bulletin/Order of Worship and Prayers may be found here

Click here to view a video that shows step-by-step how you can setup your account and create your first offering!

Helping All Foundation (HAF) is a charity which started in 2012. As an organization, we seek to help everyone that is down economically, to bring them back up to an acceptable social standard. We provide people with clothing, food, and other amenities that they can use however they see fit. Not only do we help people in our community, but we also help people back home in Africa. We are a one-income family and we are a self-funded organization with no help from the government.

Since the pandemic hit we have not been able to hold fundraisers to get donations for some of the costs that we incur. We have been renting a truck for $1200 a month ever since our old food pickup truck broke down. This has become very costly. Our volunteer driver from Delaware, Michele Jackson, has been faithfully helping by picking up food for us. We are praying that someone can either donate a van or sell one to us at a low discounted price. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Our EIN number is 84-26517630. Please contact .


Wednesday PRAYER, STUDY & FELLOWSHIP resumes starting April 7th.
Join us for Prayer, Study and Fellowship on Wednesdays in the sanctuary at 6:30pm.
Communion will be shared on the First Wednesday of each month.
Masks and social distancing practices will be followed.

Bible Study

Wednesday afternoon Bible study is in recess until further notice.