About Good Shepherd

We have much to celebrate here at the United Methodist Church of the Good Shepherd, including worship services which include music, dance and drama. Our Christian education classes for two-year-olds through adults provide an opportunity to study and learn about our faith. Adult fellowship experiences for study and service are many.

We also support several ministries to a wide variety of age groups, as well as reach out to those with particular needs. A complete compliment of Boy and Girl Scouts; Alcoholics Anonymous; Al-Anon; and Al-Ateen are among these minitries. We support local, national and foreign missions and work towards justice in various areas of social concern, such as racism and family abuse.

At our church, people of all ages discover a warmth and friendliness and a sense of belonging. We care for each other as sisters and brothers in the family of God.

Our Vision Statement

We are committed to be disciples of Jesus witnessing to and through the community that we are a place to worship God and serve others