I Choose to Walk…

As a Servant Leader, I choose to walk in the path of:

Acknowledging that the Lord is my All. “In Him I live, move and have my being.”  Acts 17:28.

2. Truthfulness
Willing to speak the truth with “a gentle tongue”  Prov. 15:4, so that others can be transformed.

3. Compassion
To care for, and see the people where they are, and for who they are.  Ephesians 4:32

4. Love
That everything I do will be infused with sincere Love.  1 Timothy 1:5

5. Gratitude
Always being grateful for God’s blessing, and for each one of you. Romans 1:8

United Methodist Church of The Good Shepherd, it is from these streams that I serve God and you.

~ Pastor Olivet