A Prayer for the East District

From East District Superintendent The Rev. Tracy Bass

These are challenging times, but it is in such times that we seek the Lord

The Psalmist said: I will lift up mine eyes towards the hills – from whence cometh my help – my help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth.

Creator God – Our Help throughout the Ages…

Our eyes and our hearts look to you; all knowledge comes from you and Wisdom is yours as well. Rain down upon us . We pray for therapeutic treatment and vaccine – we pray for effective protective equipment and preventative care- with our whole selves our entire being we invite you in.

Loving God you call us to cast our cares upon you for you care so very much for us – before the foundation of the world, God, you loved us… HEAR FROM HEAVEN LORD our prayers; know our heavy hearts, heal our land: We Believe Lord – Help our unbelief.

May we know that we can run to you and find refuge and strength.

May we know that you are our place of hope – with you Lord there are new mercies every day; your goodness follows us also and your love is everlasting – help us to remember your work in the world:

In the hearts of those continuing to provide meals to those in need, we see your grace;

In the hands of the physicians caring for patients there is your abiding mercy;

In the eyes of the first responders we experience your unfailing love; 

And for those who are afraid we hear you saying: “Be not afraid for I am with you.”

You promised never to leave us and to never forsake us, so for those who are quarantined, isolated and feel alone wrap your loving arms around them that they know your presence and hear words of comfort and peace; 

For the vulnerable undergird their bodies that they are able to withstand treatment that will increase health – in our weakness we are made strong in you; 

We pray for restoration and rehabilitation; healing and wholeness – we pray that your children all around the world will connect with and support one another and that the world will see you and know that and glorify you – Rock of all Ages….

Move on our hearts that might pray without ceasing knowing that you hear, you heal, you comfort and above all you love – and may we love likewise in the name of the One who has given us an example to follow of what it means to love our neighbors and to care for the needy – Jesus the Christ, Amen.


Prayer of Adoration and Supplication

Elohim, our divine creator, you spoke the world into existence. You are El Shaddai, Jehovah, the great I AM. There is no one like you. You are the Almighty and Everlasting God, Creator of all living things. We give you thanks, Jehovah Jireh for the marvelous ways in which You reveal yourself to us and provide for us. We rejoice because of your love for us.

O Lord, along with our rejoicing, our hearts are aching. Many are distressed because of natural disasters, destruction, devastation, hatred, violence, and evil that permeates the atmosphere. God, there are those who are jobless, homeless, hungry and thirsty. Many are displaced and are scared, some are angry and may have lost hope. There are those whose bodies are racked with pain, sickness, disease. There are those who care for them and are overwhelmed. Jehovah Rophe, heal our bodies, renew our minds and revive our souls.

Ancient of Time, we know and believe that your ears are attentive to those who are crying out to you at this very hour. We know that your mercy endures forever, and You will comfort those who are distress. We trust in your divine providence and are hopeful. We are hopeful because You are the same God who responded to the cries and suffering of the people of Israel and delivered them from their trouble.

Heavenly Father, we are reminded that you’ve also called us, by your Holy Spirit, in Jesus Christ to be your instruments. Enlighten, strengthen, and guide us in the way you desire for us to serve You, and those who are in need. Help us to walk in righteousness, Jehovah Tsidkenu. Teach us how to be in right relationship with You and our neighbors. Fill us with compassion, and bind us in perfect unity. Jehovah Shalom, shield us from the enemy who desires to smash our hope and instill fear. Insulate us with joy, and true peace which comes from You. Abba Father, seal us in the cleansing blood of Christ Jesus.

Adoni, grant us the Holy Spirit’s power, to seek after You, to proclaim your victory, and agape love. Prepare us to readily share the reason for the hope and joy that is within us. In the name of Christ Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit, may our lives bring glory to you El Roi. You who sees all and knows all. Amen!

(Composed by Rev. Olivet J. Brown)

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